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Artist's Profile

Nancy Basler has been knitting and sewing since childhood, nurturing a love for all textiles. The entire process of creating fabric art translates into her self expression. She travels long distances to select fine yarns. She then searches for quality yarns which are long lasting in terms of fiber and color. When she returns to her studio, the process continues as she blends designs and colors into form and function.

Nancy is a former member of the Artisans' Guild of Cape Cod and the Cape Cod Art Association. She lives and works overlooking Cape Cod Bay. Her environment inspires the soft, earth tones and cool, watery blues in her work. Walking the beaches, watching waves and collecting shells, she studies nature. She has developed a sense of color reflected by the changing light and seasonal beauty of the Cape Cod landscape.

Nancy has a significant connection to Cape Cod. Her ancestors helped settle its shores, specifically in the Yarmouth Port area, making a life in the same village where Nancy lives today. In the very early 1600s, her forbearers set up windmills and wool shops, and they laid out main roads which are in use today.

The women cooked and kept the rooms at the Old Yarmouth Inn, an Inn which still operates within walking distance of her studio. They also knitted with fine wools, as Nancy does today. Thus, the "wheel" keeps turning, and Nancy continues to speak through the traditional process of knit and purl.

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