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We are known for our quality

Haute Couture

When you wear an accessory made by Nancy Basler Knits of Cape Cod, people will notice. Each piece is a work of art which allows you to express your own sense of style and personality. Mix and match your accessories, setting the mood for the day. Nancy's knits are artistic and fashionable without sacrificing versatility.

Obvious Quality

Nancy Basler Knits of Cape Cod are created with high quality strands of yarn and mindful craftsmanship. Nancy uses fine wools such as alpaca and mohair, sometimes blending strands of wool with silks, acrylics and various fibers to create the ultimate design. Each of Nancy Basler's berets contains a professional label authenticating it as a Nancy Basler Knit.

Fabric Art

Nancy Basler Knits of Cape Cod are not ordinary... they are inspired. Her design and color blending skills are used to express the ever-changing environment. Living on Cape Cod, she translates natures soft earthy colors into the daily expressions created in her studio. Her lovely creations contain turquoises, purples, magentas and pale pinks. And her mossy greens, burnt siennas and warm yellows bring back those peaceful afternoons on the beach.

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